World leading integrated cloud business software

NetSuite is the world’s no.1 cloud based business system with modules available for eCommerce (SuiteCommerce Advanced), financials, manufacturing, ERP, CRM, POS, order management, global operations and more. NetSuite and Jcurve also make a perfect back end system with a Magento front end sales and marketing engine.


Partnering with Exceed

In recent years, ‘cloud’ based software has revolutionised the web and IT industries. Cloud software is lowering barriers to businesses of any size to access previously unavailable technologies and providing them with the ability to scale cost effectively, with much lower capital investment. In recognition of this trend, EXCEED have begun to build out capability with the NetSuite platform.

We have worked closely with NetSuite on several SuiteCommerce Advanced projects to date and expect NetSuite demand to continue to ramp in tandem with our platform expertise and experience.